Please join us for a 7-week conflict resolution workshop where you will:  Learn transformational conflict practices.
Use creativity to identify solutions.
Effectively manage your role in conflict with emotional intelligence.

This workshop covers a variety of key conflict resolution concepts, theories, and skills. We’ll begin by discussing major theoretical paradigms and trajectories. Moving forward, you will learn how to become a conflict detective and how to manage the processes of resolution. Critical topics include active listening, power imbalances, de-escalation, and reconciliation. Additionally, we’ll dive into more experimental areas like mindful conflict resolution. Over these seven sessions, you will apply critical thinking to conflict in its many forms. Workshops will be facilitated by Anissa Corser, CJ Clayton Jr., and Betty Ball of Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center. Join us to build a community dedicated to conflict transformation!

The workshop will meet every other week from 6:30-8 on Tuesday evenings at Ku Cha Tea House on Pearl Street (1211 Pearl Street Boulder). 

Please join us for our first session on Tuesday January 29. We look forward to seeing you.