Some people have asked us what our process looks like for mediation and facilitation. While individual cases and each specific practice establishes the need to use different methods, we’ve come up with a basic process overview that identifies some common overlap to help you better understand what we do.

Data Gathering-

We do our due diligence by preparing for the resolution process ahead. It can be valuable to know a bit about the dynamics of a dilemma or group ahead of time so that we can plan accordingly for a greater chance of success. Relationship building starts here.

Process Overview-

We like to begin the process by explaining what our role is and how we’ll move forward. That said, we always include here an element of flexibility just in case — mediations, negotiations, and facilitations require staying ready for anything, and adjusting quickly.

Ethical Guidelines-

We believe it’s important to highlight things that will lead to productive and valuable communication exchange. While we remain responsive to your needs throughout the session, it’s here that you can co-create guidlines from the get-go to help create an environment of productivity, respect, and openness.

Information Exchange-

It is critical to get the whole story out so that everyone involved can understand each other’s perspectives, wants, and needs. “Honesty is the best policy”, as the adage goes.

Clarity of Details-

There are countless cases where conflict has been mitigated or goal building effectively enacted simply because a third-party facilitator (us) was able to clear up misunderstandings. We may chime in from time to time and ask relevant and important questions.


Creativity, creativity, creativity. This step is where problem solving can become an operative mechanism with a little brainstorming. Mutual solutions often come from great ideas.


Agreement. This is where we all want to be at the end of the day. It might take patience and diligence but we believe in the above process — it can get to this point. Do we have your buy-in? We are here to help!

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