About Clayton Jr. Mediation

Established: Spring of 2018

Clayton Jr. Mediation provides mediation, facilitation, conflict coaching, educational, and volunteering services. Our goal is to help people transform conflicts into mutually-beneficial resolutions. Several core values and methods drive our approach. We use strategic dispute resolution processes to identify the interests and needs of parties, and work towards maximizing them efficiently and effectively. With authentic care, patience, and hard work, we’re dedicated to building communication, respect, cooperation, justice, and well-being. We believe that meaningful and productive conflict resolution can enable individuals, groups, businesses, organizations, and communities to discover golden opportunities which rest on the horizon such as innovation, reducing hostilities, and saving precious resources.

Partners, Members, and Contractors:

  • Member — (2019-2021)
  • Partner — Community Conflict Resolution Workshop (2018)
  • Partner — Activate and Integrate: Community Conflict Resolution Workshop Series (2019)